Patent US - Substance mixture for topical application comprising olive oil and honey - Google Patents Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis Medizinische Wirksamkeit von Enzymen Doz. Dr. Josef Stockenreiter Prof. Dr. Park, Thrombophlebitis, postthrombotisches Syndrom ; Ulcus cruris und Ödembehandlung ;.

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This application is a continuation of PCT Application No. By applying a substance or a substance mixture onto the area to be treated, the ingredients can directly penetrate at the Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis location and act there. Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis alleviating and healing properties thus can become active immediately and precisely localized. Agents Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis in use for the treatment of hemorrhoids node-shaped enlargement of the branches of the arteria or vena rectalis sup.

With the two last mentioned medicaments, however, also allergic reactions may occur. Furthermore, these agents do not Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis to a quick and Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis healing, but in most cases have an alleviating effect only. The loss of hair may have various causes, it may, e. Dandruff may be caused by external influences or by internal or infectious diseases. A number of agents Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis been described for hair and scalp care, such as, e.

These treatments have to be carried out over longer periods of Heparin-Salbe Varizen and often have side effects continue reading lead to counter-reactions or remain unsuccessful, respectively.

Skin problems may have the most varying causes, such as damaging environmental influences sun, air pollutionallergies, hormonal imbalance, bad eating Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, the taking of medicaments antibioticswounds etc. Many creams are aggressive, damage the sensitive skin parts and dehydrate them. Varicose veins primary or secondary varicosis form on account of a mechanical impediment in the venous flow-back of blood and the peripheral venous pressure increased thereby, surface varices and deep varices with congestion phenomena forming.

The causes therefor may be a slowed circulation e. For local treatment, Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis most instances creams, ointments, gels and the like are used which contain heparin. Heparin has an antithrombotic effect due to its Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis as a catalyst, by inhibiting the serine proteases in the coagulation cascade. Thereby, Exazerbation Extremitäten von den unteren Krampfadern in series of blood coagulation factors are inactivated.

Yet in case of a tendency to bleeding and in case of thrombocytopenias, heparin must not be used. Furthermore, it should not get into contact with open wounds, the eyes or the mucous membranes. Besides, Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis may occur easily on account of an hypersensitivity to heparin.

It is thus the object of the present invention to Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis an agent for topical application which has a broad application spectrum and thus may be employed for a plurality of uses, which, however, also is composed of complex components which are as close to natural as possible, and thus is well tolerable without any negative side effects.

A further object of the present invention consists in providing a completely new, natural and effective agent for treating hemorrhoidal diseases.

A further object of the present invention Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis in providing an agent against loss of hair. Learn more here another object of the present invention Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis the provision of a topically usable agent for treating skin problems, such as e. According to the invention, these objects are achieved by the use of a substance mixture comprising honey and olive oil for preparing a medicament for topical application.

With the use according to the invention, the per se known healing effects of honey and olive oil can be utilized, the therapeutical effects being Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis in the topical Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis in synergistic manner. By application on the skin to be treated, the ingredients can unfold their effect directly at the Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis site and can quickly lead to a sure healing success.

By the fact that the substance mixture according to the invention contains purely natural substances, the application is without contraindications and adverse side-effects, in contrast to synthetically produced medicaments which frequently contain chemically produced die in Thrombophlebitis gelten in unnaturally high concentrations and of which the use Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis not without risks.

In this instance, the treatment is based on the action of purely natural substances, whereby the risk of counter-reactions of any type, e. Furthermore, the hemorrhoidal disease Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis to be healed quickly by aid of the substance mixture according to the invention, and source merely alleviated, as is frequently the case with the present medicaments.

Although honey and Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis oil alone or in the form of substance mixtures together with other substances are already known in the medical science, yet so far Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis mixture of honey and Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis oil has never been used in topical treatment.

Because of its various and extensive healing and alleviating effects, honey has been used in the art of healing for many centuries. There Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis a large variety of different types of honey which, depending on their ingredients, have different properties as regards their application in the medical field.

The main component of honey is invert sugar, further sugars are cane sugar, maltose, and, depending on the plant species visited, more rarely occurring Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis originating from the latter.

Besides, sugar, honey Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis further enzymes, such as invertase, diastases, catalase, amylase, phosphatase, glucose oxidase, which, with the cooperation of the oxygen of air, convert dextrose into gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

The latter Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis oxygen in an extremely reactive form which in turn is an excellent germ killer and preservative. One of the most important components of honey is pollen. Of the Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis acids, malic acid, succinic acid, gluconic acid, acidic acid, Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis acid, of the inorganic acids phosphoric acid Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis hydrochloric acid are present.

Honeydew honeys are rich in resins and essential oils and thus are considerated Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis all diseases of the respiratory tract bronchial catarrhs, but also as a supporting treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and pneumoniaof the urogenital system cystitis, urethriotis, prostatitis and as a diuretic.

Furthermore, a favorable effect can be found in case of gravel and renal calculi. Furthermore, a regulating effect has been postulated in case of problems of the portal circulation hemorrhoids, congestion of the portal vein, Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis to venous thromboses.

Honeys of mixed blossoms have a very favorable effect on allergic persons. Linden honey is Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis and antiseptic. Melissa honey is spasmolytic and sedating. Also mixtures of honey and other vegetable substances are described which are applied for the most varying ailments: e.

Also olive oil has already been used as a natural medicine against various ailments for a long time. The composition of the fatty acid fraction obtainable upon saponification varies in dependence on the origin and degree of ripeness of the olives, oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid being Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis main components. Schneider EditorsVol. According to the prior art, olive oil is, e.

Moreover, olive oil has been administered in case of diseases of the biliary tract, for treating ulcers of the stomach and of the intestines, in case of renal calculi, as well as Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis the form of an emulsion as a diet rich in nitrogen in case of renal failure. Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, as mentioned above, honey and olive oil have been used for a whole series of healing purposes, it has been shown within the scope of the present invention that by Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis combination of honey Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis olive oil in a suitable ratio, these substances have a Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis healing effect which—if applied topically—quickly occurs directly at the site to be treated, and lead to certain success when diseases occurring on or directly under the skin are treated.

If honey constitutes the major portion of the substance mixture at least more than one halfits regulating effect is particularly enhanced by the addition of olive oil, primarily in case of problems of portal circulation hemorrhoids, congestion of the portal vein, inclination to venous thromboses and in case of an inclination Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis thromboses, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins.

A mixture of honey from blossoms, wild Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, acacia robinia honey is suitable. An addition of approximately 8. John's-wort, wheatgerm oil and others. Beeswax Wissens Kalt Hydrierung mit Krampfadern ist used in the cosmetic and medical branches for preparing cremes and Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, where it acts emulsifying.

From the chemical point of view, waxes consist of fatty acids which are esterified with higher alcohols, propolis, colorants and vitamin A. Wax has always been used as a wound pad and against skin diseases, for enbalming corpses and in odour aroma therapy.

Ist Was Varizen gefährlich has no constant chemical composition. Propolis has comprehensive and highly effective inhibiting and killing actions on numerous bacterial strains, fungicidal properties and has a distinctly virucidal activity.

Moreover, highly anesthesising properties could be demonstrated, it is active against indigestion, skin diseases and contusions and has tissue protective and wound-healing properties. In various apitherapy clinics, an overwhelming success has been achieved in case of coronary and circulatory diseases by using a combination Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis royal jelly with propolis, pollen and pumpkin seeds.

These properties can optimally be utilized for the substance mixture of the Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, whereby the healing effect, in particular in respect of circulatory disturbances, is increased.

Camomile Chamaemelum, Chamomilla as a medicinal additive is widely used Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis the medical field and is also extremely advantageous for the substance mixture according to the invention.

The ingredients of Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis substantially are essential oils, sesquiterpenes, hydroperoxides, polyphenols, polyines, triterpenes and steroids. By adding camomile to the substance mixture according to the invention, the former acts further pain alleviating, cramp-alleviating, anti-inflammatory, and furthermore, the treatment of hemorrhoids is improved.

Sage Salvia contains essential oils, hydroxy cinnamic acids, depsides, flavonoids, di- and triterpenes and trace elements. Due to these manifold properties, in a preferred embodiment, sage is admixed to the substance mixture, whereby Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis has an increased anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. Its Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis is due to an irritation of the intestinal mucosa and starts already after a few hours.

In the substance mixture according to the invention, Aloe vera promotes the moisturizing and bloodflow stimulating effects, which has an extremely positive effect on the diseases to be treated. The ingredients of thyme Thymus vulgaris are essential oils, tannins, phenol carboxylic acids, carbohydrates, triterpenes, aluminum and various biphenyl derivatives. Therefore, preferably also thyme is admixed to the substance mixture according to the Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, whereby the wound-healing and anti-inflammatory action as well as the antipruritic action are enhanced and improved.

A further possible and desirable additive to the substance mixture according to the Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis is lavender Lavandula. The ingredients of lavender i. By the addition of lavender, the substance mixture of the Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis is particularly active against hardening of the muscles, wounds which do not heal well, chronic eczemas Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis the intestinal and anal region as well as for stimulating circulation.

Further oils, such as St. John's wort, almond oil, rose oil or wheatgerm oil, e. By this, the properties of the different substances are optimally utilized because they are harmonized. In doing so, one, several or all of them may be admixed, yet particularly suitable is a substance mixture in which. An advantageous variant of the substance mixture consists in that it comprises further vegetable substances, such as, e.

The substance mixture, however, is not restricted to the Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis ingredients, but additional components may Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis added, thus, e. Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis suitable embodiment of the substance mixture of the invention is present if the mixture additionally contains homeopathic substances.

These homeopathic substances may either increase the healing effect of the inventive substance mixture visit web page their particular properties, or Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis may cause additional effects, depending on the homeopathic substance admixed.

A particularly advantageous use of the substance mixture of the invention consists in preparing a remedy for treating hemorrhoidal diseases.

As has been mentioned, the known effect of Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis against hemorrhoids can be increased and enhanced according to the invention by the presence of olive oil such that hemorrhoidal diseases not only are alleviated but can effectively be removed cf. In contrast to the medicaments described in the prior art, the substance mixture according to the invention acts rapidly and reliably removes hemorrhoids, as is also demonstrated in the Examples.

A further advantageous use of the substance mixture according to the invention consists in preparing Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis agent for hair and skin care, preferably against the loss of hair, dandruff formation and dehydration. These properties, Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimycotic effects; stopping of itching, burning, skin irritations, and of eczema formation and thus the stopping of the main causes of dandruff formation; improving circulation and activation of the function of the diseased root; supply with vitamins, trace elements, natural glucose, amines; enbalming of scalp and hair, whereby a dehydration is prevented have been demonstrated in several tests cf.

These effects have not Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis been described for Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis individual components of the substance mixture in the prior art. Another advantageous use of the substance mixture according to the invention Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis in the preparation of an agent for skin care cf. This agent is particularly effective in the treatment of wrinkles formed, acne, Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis skin, sun burn, wounds, environmental damage as well as purulent inflammations of the skin of the most varying causes.

The substance mixture of the invention not only is Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis if problems already exist, it may also be applied prophylactically to protect against environmental influences.

A further advantageous use of the substance mixture according to the invention consists in the preparation of an agent against varicose veins. Here, honey and olive oil, if applied topically, act to activate circulation. The agent to be used according to the invention may be prepared in all the application forms common for topical Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, in particular as an ointment, emulsion, sponge, soap, shampoo, facial pack, bath salts, plaster, stocking, lotion.

It has been shown that the positive properties of the ointment are best utilized if the honey is a mixture of honey from blossoms, wild honey and acacia robinia honey. Optimal is an addition of approximately Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis. Furthermore, it is advantageous if the substance mixture comprises additional components, such as further vegetable substances such as, e.

Furthermore, the substance mixture of the invention may also comprise substances which assist in its application or storage stability, such as, e. The invention will be Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis explained by way of the following Examples, to which, of course, it is not restricted. The ointment was also applied around the anus, then allowed to dry, and any desired sanitary napkin was used without wiping off.

After approximately 20 min, the sanitary napkin was removed. Shortly after the application, slight burning was experienced in some cases, yet subsequently the good feeling of the ist es möglich, Haarentfernung mit Krampfadern zu tun of the pain and of the antipruritic effect set in until the discomfort had disappeared.

Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis the plurality of test continue reading, the hemorrhages stopped on the second day, with the complaints largely gone.

In 8 patients, the hemorrhages stopped on the sixth day and a substantial improvement set in; Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis patients, however, had suffered from hemorrhoids already for between 2 and 11 years. For 3 patients, surgery had been planned because of their hemorrhoidal disease, the indication of which had been diagnosed by a specialist. After the treatment this indication was no longer present also determined by the specialist.

The preparation was tested as follows, times per week, for about 3 months, on 7 test persons who suffered from loss of hair: After having washed the hair with a mild shampoo, the hair pack was applied to the towel-dried hair Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis to the scalp. After a reaction time of min, the pack was thoroughly rinsed Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis with luke-warm water, and subsequently the hair was gently dried.

With 5 persons, the loss of hair stopped. One test subject duration of illness: 3 months showed renewed hair growth in areas with already sparse hair growth.

With the test person with the longest duration of illness 15 monthsthe preparation had no effect. This facial pack can be applied as a creme and be used like a conventional facial pack. The preparation according to the invention is applicable both by day and by night, after a preceding gentle cleaning of the skin. Sign in Hidden fields Patents The use of a substance mixture comprising honey and olive oil for preparing a medicament for topical application is suggested Substance mixture for topical application comprising olive oil and honey.

US B1 Abstract. The use of a substance mixture comprising honey and olive oil for preparing a medicament for topical application is suggested. Images 7 Claims What is claimed is:. A method for treating hemorrhoidal diseases in a patient, comprising topically Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis to the patient a preparation comprising Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis amount of Heilpflanzen Thrombophlebitis, olive oil, propolis, aloe Vera, and sage.

The method of claim 1wherein said preparation further comprises at least one substance selected from the group consisting of beeswax, chamomile, thyme, lavender and diverse oils.

The invention relates to the topical use of a substance mixture comprising honey and olive oil. Treatment of Patients Afflicted with Hemorrhoids.

Treatment of Patients Suffering from Loss of Hair. Preparation of a Skin-Care Facial Pack. PDR for Herbal Medicines. Medical Economics Company, Montvale, N.

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